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Automation and data analytics are very much at the centre of future recruitment, and employ-e takes centre stage with the perfect solution!

Mindmill offers organisations a straightforward yet powerful platform that blends attraction, screening & selection, assessment and data visuals. This gives both company and candidate the ability to manage their recruitment journey digitally – reducing cumbersome administration, increasing communication and ensuring a non-biased selection process.

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The Core Features


Employ-e is seamlessly integrated with job boards, social media platforms and client websites, allowing clients to design and build strong predictive attraction strategies and deploy them simply and easily.

Competency based Screening & Selection

Employ-e integrates role based psychometric assessments into an automated candidate journey. The core competencies of each role are built logically, mapped directly to candidate assessment, and embedded into the recruitment process – offering a tailored predictive screening procedure.

Data Visualisation & Analytics

Full data visualisation through Employ-e designed dashboards allows a logical, uncomplicated review and access to all recruitment & selection metrics.

Measuring Diversity

Employ-e allows organisations to eliminate bias through automated screening tools ensuring hires are based on expertise, capabilities, knowledge and company fit from the outset.

Mindmill functionality is fully compliant with Fair Employment Legislation in Northern Ireland, compatible with Article 55 returns and can be adapted to suit regional legislative requirements.

Future Talent Pool

Employ-e empowers organisations to build a talent pool for future hires assisting with matching new opportunities to pre-screened applicants by proactively engaging existing but passive candidates. This significantly shortens the recruitment process while enhancing the quality of candidate engagement.

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