What Mindmill do

Mindmill offer a range of Human Capital Solutions in order to optimise the talent within an organisation through:

  • Cloud Based Assessment Platform
  • H.R Consulting
  • H.R Technology Consulting
  • Employability
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Cloud Based Assessment Platform

  • Psychometric - Personality/Cognitive/Motivational
  • Organisational Development Tools - 360, Employee Engagement
  • Bespoke Assessment - Scenario, Situational Judgement

Organisational Development

  • Identify and Develop Internal Talent
  • Assess Company Culture and Engagement Levels
  • Promote Communication and Clarity in the Organisation

Talent Acquisition

  • Effectively Benchmark Job Roles
  • Streamline the Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Objectively Select the Best Candidate

A Global Solution

Mindmill’s technology platform is accessible anywhere in the world. The assessments are designed to be taken on any modern computer and have been tested on all of the most popular devices and web browsers. Mindmill’s technology platform is an intuitive, user friendly and easy to administer system so that it can be used by those who do not necessarily have a background in psychology or IT.

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Based On Science

Mindmill specialise in online psychometric assessment tools that help to define and measure personality preferences, natural aptitudes, abilities and motivational interests. Mindmill's psychometric tools are classified, registered and reviewed by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

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An International Solution

Mindmill's Human Capital Solutions are available in a number of different languages, including English, French and Arabic. We also have the ability to easily integrate additional languages on request. As well as translations, all Mindmill Assessments are validated and normed for the target region.


An Industry Specific Solution

Mindmill's Human Capital Solutions have been adapted specifically for a number of different industries. This includes regional, industry-specific norms for all Mindmill Assessments.

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