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Mindmill is for organisations who need to find and recruit talented people. Our methodology clearly defines the role and measures candidates’ abilities, resulting in a perfect match. Our A.I. / algorithmic approach substantially reduces processing time, costs & bias - leading to happier and better performing employees.

The Mindmill Methodology

Whether recruiting a new team member, guiding young minds through the career landscape or developing your next star, it all starts with understanding the role. Here at Mindmill we set about designing the role and which human competencies are required to be successful. Individuals are selected against those required competencies in a methodical, engaging and bias free process.

Our competency modeller (Role Builder) allows organisations to easily create role profiles in a simple and efficient manner, creating the opportunity to select individuals who are best suited to role vacancies.

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We tailor our psychometric assessments to your specific needs to greatly enhance the accuracy of selection


Mindmill technology solutions can be standalone or integrate into your existing workflow & process

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  • 48-60 High Street,
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